• Ground SDK access class.

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    public class GroundSdk : NSObject
  • Global GroundSdk configuration

    Allows application to configure GroundSdk features. This configuration can be set by adding entries in the application info.plist or by setting properties on the config shared instance before creating the first GroundSdk instance (the best place for that is the init function of your AppDelegate).

    In the application info.plist, configuration is set by adding an entry GroundSdk, type Dictionary, with the following content:

    • Wifi (Bool): enable local wifi support. Default is true.
    • Usb (Bool): enable Usb support (for sky controllers). Default is true.
    • UsbDebug (Bool): enable usb debug bridge support. Default is false.
    • Ble (Bool): enable deprecated Ble support. Default is false.

    • SupportedDevices (Array of String): List of all supported devices by the application. Default is all. The devices name that should be given are the description of each DeviceModel you want to support. The supported device list is used to restrict the device discovery. Thus, any saved device whose model is restricted, will still be persisted (but never seen again).

    • OfflineSettings (String): enable offline settings and send them to the drone at connection. Default is model.

      • off: disable
      • model: share settings between all drones of the same model
    • CrashReport (Bool): enable crash reports from drone or remote control to be shared with Parrot. Default is true.

    • FlightData (Bool): enable download flight data files from drone. Default is true.

    • FlightLog (Bool): enable flight logs (from drone or remote control) to be shared with Parrot. Default is true.

    • BlackBox (Bool): enable black box recording and sharing these records with Parrot. Default is true.

    • FirmwareSync (Bool): enable firmware synchronization. Default is true.

    • AutoConnectionAtStartup (Bool): Whether or not the auto connection should start immediately when GroundSdk is started. Default is false.

    • AppDefaults ([String: String]): Dictionary that list all plist file names describing the application default values for the devices. Indexed by device model name. Default is empty.

    • EmbeddedFirmwares (Array of String): List of plist file names that describes the embedded firmwares. Default is empty. Ignored if FirmwareSync is false.

    • BlacklistedVersions (Array of String): List of plist file names that describe the blacklisted firmware versions. Default is empty. Ignored if FirmwareSync is false.

    • AutoSelectWifiCountry (Bool): Whether or not the auto wifi selection, based on reverse geocoding, is used. Default is true.

    • Ephemeris (Bool): Ephemeris files help the drone to be aware of its own gps position faster. Default is true.

    Example: Enable Usb debug and disable offline settings

       <key>UsbDebug</key> <true/>
       <key>OfflineSettings</key> <string>off</string>
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    public class GroundSdkConfig : NSObject
  • Ref

    A reference to an object that may change.

    This is the base class used to access a backend object with an associated observer notified each time this associated object changes. Associated object may be nil if the corresponding backend object doesn’t exist yet or has been removed. Observer is notified when the backend object is created or removed, and when the ref is created if the backend object exists.

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    public class Ref<T>