Olympe provides a Python controller programming interface for Parrot Drone. This means you can use Olympe to connect and control a drone from a remote Python script executed from your computer. Olympe is primarily intended to be used with a simulated drone (using Sphinx, the Parrot drone simulator) but may also be used to connect to physical drones. Like GroundSDK-iOS and GroundSDK-Android, Olympe is based on arsdk-ng/arsdk-xml.

Olympe Features:

  • Connect to simulated or physical drones
  • Send command messages to the drone (piloting, camera orientation, RTH, FlightPlan, …)
  • Check the current state of the drone and wait for event messages (flying state, …)
  • Get the current state of the drone (settings, feature availability status, …)
  • Start and stop the drone video streaming
  • Record the video stream from the drone and the associated metadata