Explore available ARSDK commands#

If you followed this guide so far, you might want to explore the Messages Reference Documentation. If you are looking for a specific message or feature, you can also use the search box within the sidebar on the left.

Alternatively, you can also use Olympe in an interactive Python console with IPython and leverage the autocompletion and the help function to browse the available ARSDK messages.

$ ipython
In [1]: import olympe
In [2]: from olympe.messages.<TAB>
olympe.messages.animation       olympe.messages.camera          olympe.messages.debug           olympe.messages.generic         olympe.messages.mapper          olympe.messages.precise_home    olympe.messages.thermal
olympe.messages.ardrone3        olympe.messages.common          olympe.messages.drone_manager   olympe.messages.gimbal          olympe.messages.mediastore      olympe.messages.rth             olympe.messages.user_storage
olympe.messages.battery         olympe.messages.controller_info olympe.messages.follow_me       olympe.messages.leds            olympe.messages.powerup         olympe.messages.skyctrl         olympe.messages.wifi

In [3]: from olympe.messages.ardrone3.Piloting import <TAB>
AutoTakeOffMode  CancelMoveTo     Emergency        Landing          PCMD             StopPilotedPOI   UserTakeOff      moveTo
CancelMoveBy     Circle           FlatTrim         NavigateHome     StartPilotedPOI  TakeOff          moveBy

In [4]: from olympe.messages.ardrone3.Piloting import TakeOff
In [5]: help(TakeOff)
Help on ardrone3.Piloting.TakeOff object:

class ardrone3.Piloting.TakeOff(ArsdkMessage)
 |  Ardrone3.Piloting.TakeOff
 |  Ask the drone to take off.
 |  Result: On the quadcopters: the drone takes off if its :py:func:`~olympe.messages.ardrone3.PilotingState.FlyingStateChanged`
 |  was landed. On the fixed wings, the landing process is aborted if the
 |  :py:func:`~olympe.messages.ardrone3.PilotingState.FlyingStateChanged` was landing. Then, event :py:func:`~olympe.messages.ardrone3.PilotingState.FlyingStateChanged`
 |  is triggered.