event messageolympe.messages.common.UpdateState.UpdateStateChanged(sourceVersion=None, targetVersion=None, status=None, _policy='check_wait', _float_tol=(1e-07, 1e-09))


Status of the latest software update

  • sourceVersion (string) – Version before the update.
  • targetVersion (string) – Target version of the latest update. This is the version after the update when status is SUCCESS or the version of the update that failed when status is one of the failure value.
  • status (olympe.enums.common.UpdateState.UpdateStateChanged_Status) –
  • _policy (olympe.arsdkng.expectations.ExpectPolicy) – specify how to check the expectation. Possible values are ‘check’, ‘wait’ and ‘check_wait’ (defaults to ‘check_wait’)
  • _float_tol (tuple) – specify the float comparison tolerance, a 2-tuple containing a relative tolerance float value and an absolute tolerate float value (default to (1e-07, 1e-09)). See python 3 stdlib math.isclose documentation for more information

Triggered at connection during the first boot after a firmware update.


Update status

SUCCESS:Update completed successfully. (0)
 Failure, wrong or corrupted update file. (1)
 Failure, battery level was too low. (2)
FAILURE:Generic Failure. (3)