Displaying the video streaming with an HUD#

Some overlays can be enabled with the PdrawRenderer class. For now, there are three HUD:

  • Piloting HUD displaying navigation instruments

  • Imaging HUD for shooting videos and taking pictures

  • Tracking HUD with tracking box proposals and tracking box target (Only supported with ANAFI Ai.)

See the PdrawRenderer documentation for more information.

Piloting HUD#

Displays flight information such as compass, speed, altitude, battery level and other useful flight information.

The following example is a lite version of the Video streaming example. Only the start(), stop() and fly() functions are kept.

These lines are used to activate the piloting HUD:

47        )
48        # Start video streaming with piloting hud
49        self.drone.streaming.start()

The full code of this example can be found in src/olympe/doc/examples/piloting_hud.py.

Imaging HUD#

Displays the photo capture grid and the image histogram.

These lines are used to activate the imaging HUD:

from olympe_deps import PDRAW_GLES2HUD_TYPE_IMAGING

# ...

PdrawRenderer(pdraw=pdraw, hud_type=PDRAW_GLES2HUD_TYPE_IMAGING)

Tracking HUD#

Displays the visual tracking proposal box or the target tracking box.


This feature is only supported with ANAFI Ai.

The tracking feature needs to be enabled on the drone first. The olympe.messages.onboard_tracker.start_tracking_engine command must be sent to the drone before trying to display the tracking box proposals and/or the selected target onto the live video stream.

import argparse
import olympe
import os
import re
import sys
import time
from olympe.video.pdraw import Pdraw, PdrawState
from olympe.video.renderer import PdrawRenderer
from olympe.messages.onboard_tracker import start_tracking_engine
from olympe.video import HudType

DRONE_IP = os.environ.get("DRONE_IP", "")
DRONE_RTSP_PORT = os.environ.get("DRONE_RTSP_PORT", "554")

def main(argv):
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Olympe Pdraw Example")
            "Media resource (rtsp:// or file://) URL.\n"
            "See olympe.Pdraw.play documentation"
    parser.add_argument("-m", "--media-name", default="DefaultVideo")
    args = parser.parse_args(argv)

    drone_ip = re.search(r"\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+", args.url)

    drone = olympe.Drone(drone_ip.group())

    pdraw = Pdraw()
    pdraw.play(url=args.url, media_name=args.media_name)
    renderer = PdrawRenderer(pdraw=pdraw, hud_type=HudType.TRACKING)
    assert pdraw.wait(PdrawState.Playing, timeout=5)
    if args.url.endswith("/live"):
        # Let's see the live video streaming for 10 seconds
        timeout = 5
        # When replaying a video, the pdraw stream will be closed automatically
        # at the end of the video
        # For this is example, this is the replayed video maximal duration:
        timeout = 90

    assert pdraw.wait(PdrawState.Closed, timeout=timeout)

def test_pdraw():

if __name__ == "__main__":