event message olympe.messages.common.RunState.RunIdChanged(runId=None, _policy='check_wait', _float_tol=(1e-07, 1e-09))#


Current run id. A run id is uniquely identifying a run or a flight. For each run is generated on the drone a file which can be used by Academy to sum up the run. Also, each medias taken during a run has a filename containing the run id.

  • runId (string) – Id of the run

  • _policy (olympe.arsdkng.expectations.ExpectPolicy) – specify how to check the expectation. Possible values are ‘check’, ‘wait’ and ‘check_wait’ (defaults to ‘check_wait’)

  • _float_tol (tuple) – specify the float comparison tolerance, a 2-tuple containing a relative tolerance float value and an absolute tolerate float value (default to (1e-07, 1e-09)). See python 3 stdlib math.isclose documentation for more information

Supported by:


with an up to date firmware

ANAFI Thermal:

with an up to date firmware

Triggered when the drone generates a new run id (generally right after a take off).