Install a pre-built release via pip (x86_64 desktop only)#

Olympe Python Wheels Runtime Requirements#

Olympe is a Python 3 only package and requires Ubuntu 20.04 or higher, Debian 10 or higher.

Note: If you’re running Linux without a graphical desktop environment installed, you’ll also need to install the libgl1 package.

$ sudo apt-get install libgl1

Olympe Python Wheels minimal pip version#

Installation of Olympe wheels requires pip version 20.3 or higher. As Ubuntu and Debian latest LTS release provided pip versions are currently too old you MUST use a virtual environment. See the Python environment Python environment best practices on Debian-based distros below for why and how to install a Python virtual environment. The rest of this section assumes that you have activated a suitable virtual environment in your current shell.

Install from

Install the latest available version of Olympe via pip:

$ pip install parrot-olympe

Install from

Alternatively, to install a specific Olympe version, you should browse the page and pip install the .whl associated to this version, for example:

$ pip install