Parrot S.L.A.M.dunk

The Parrot S.L.A.M.dunk can be controlled via a ROS (Robotic Operating System) SDK.
The SDK provides access to the SLAM, cameras and sensors data, either onboard or remotely.

ROS SDK Documentation


Bebop Drone, Airborne Drone, Jumping Drone

The new Parrot SDK 3 allows you to interact with all new generation of drones.
It comes with a complete documentation, all the tools to build it locally, and a unified sample project to start coding your application.
Developers will be able to create programmable flight plans (MAVLink compatible), retrieve pictures, video and live streaming, make 3D mapping, scientific and robotics demos, and even create next-gen remote control using third party hardware!

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Sequoia Sensor

The Parrot Sequoia camera can be controlled over USB using PTP protocol and over WIFI using PTP/IP or HTTP-API.
Both APIs will allow you to change settings, calibrate the sensors, trigger image capture and manage internal memory.

Get Sequoia API


AR Drone 1&2

The SDK 2 is used to control and create applications for your AR Drone.
It was the first ever released SDK for drones, and lots of amazing projects were developed on this platform.
The community of developers is still very active on AR Drone!
It comes with full documentation and sample code for iOs, Android, Linux and Windows.
Latest stable release is SDK 2.0.1.

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Connected Objects

Flower Power

The Parrot Flower Power allows you to monitor your plant health, using 4 connected sensors: Light, Temperature, Moisture and Fertilizer.
We have released the complete Bluetooth LE documentation used to communicate with the probe, and a full Web-API documentation to communicate with our cloud and retrieve your data.

Get BLE DocumentationGet Web-APi Documentation

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