What is Parrot Sphinx#

Parrot Sphinx is a state-of-the-art drone simulation tool. Parrot engineers use it to develop and test all the current and upcoming features of Parrot drone platforms.

The main concept is to execute the drone firmware, with all its sensors and actuators, in a visually and physically realistic environment, isolated from the computer host system.

Parrot Sphinx allows you to:

  • Visualize and record flight data at run-time

  • Configure drone sensors and surrounding physics elements at run-time

  • Simulate all sensors, including cameras

  • Generate depth maps and segmentation images

  • Use many realistic 3D scenes

  • Connect to different kind of remote controllers such as Parrot-Freeflight app via Wi-Fi

  • Use scripts to control the simulation entirely

  • Add pedestrians and vehicles

  • Control the real time factor

Parrot Sphinx is built on cutting-edge industry standard components:


Open-source robotic simulation framework from OSRF

Version 11


Advanced real-time 3D creation tool from Epic Games

Version 4.26