PDrAW (pronounced like the name “Pedro”) is a video viewer for medias created by Parrot drones, like Anafi. The viewer supports both streamed (RTP/RTSP) and recorded (MP4) videos.

PDrAW is the main video pipeline implementation of GroundSDK . We are using it in our FreeFlight6 application, both on iOS and Android.

Supported platforms

  • Linux PC

  • macOS

  • Android (4.2 minimum) (note: for sample code, see GroundSDK Android)

  • iOS (8.0 minimum) (note: for sample code, see GroundSDK iOS)



  • Record demuxer

    • Playback of local replays

    • MP4 file format (ISO/IEC 14496-12, ISO Base Media File Format / ISO/IEC 14496-14, MP4 File Format)

    • Multi-track support on the video with user selection

  • Stream demuxer

    • Live video and streamed replays playback

    • RTP/AVP/UDP streams (RFC 3550, RFC 3551)

    • RTP/AVP/MUX streams with SkyController remotes (using Parrot libmux)

    • Unicast only

    • RTSP 1.0 protocol (RFC 2326)

    • Multi-track support on the video in RTSP with user selection

  • Playback control

    • Play/pause

    • Seeking (except for live streams)

    • Playback speed control (except for live streams)

    • Negative speeds for playing backward (except for live streams)

    • Frame-by-frame forward and backward on local replays (MP4 records)

  • Support of Parrot session and frame metadata (see libvideo-metadata)


  • H.264 video decoding (ITU-T H.264 / ISO/IEC 14496-10), baseline, main and high profiles

  • Frame output API for application-side processing on the video (either H.264 frames before decoding or YUV frames after decoding)


  • OpenGL ES 2.0 video rendering

  • Imaging features

    • Overexposure zebras

    • RGB and luminance histograms computation

  • User rendering callback functions

    • Custom texture loading with provided video metadata

    • Video overlay with provided video metadata

  • HMD distortion correction

    • Support for Parrot Cockpitglasses 1 & 2

    • Device settings for screen pixel density and mechanical margins

    • User settings for video scale, placement and IPD

Here is a graph of PDrAW’s video pipeline:


PDrAW architecture

PDrAW comes as both a library (libpdraw), a wrapper library (libpdraw-backend), and a standalone executable (pdraw).

  • libpdraw is the low level interface to the video pipeline, and requires the calling application to provide a running pomp_loop (see libpomp). This is the library used by GroundSDK Android and GroundSDK iOS.

  • libpdraw-backend is a wrapper library around libpdraw, which handles the loop creation internally. It is much easier to integrate in a third-party software, and thus is the preferred interface to use for your application.

  • The pdraw executable demonstrates most of the library features. It can be seen as both a complete player for Anafi videos (live & replay), and a sample code for libpdraw-backend usage in a SDL2 environment.

Both libraries provide C & C++ headers.

Other tools

The GroundSDK video tools also pack some other very useful tools:

  • The vmeta-extract executable can read MP4 files made by an Anafi, and extract the video metadata into a CSV or JSON file.

  • The libpdraw-vsink library provides an easy way to get decoded (YUV) frames, with associated metadata, from an Anafi stream or record. A sample code is provided in <SDK>/packages/pdraw/libpdraw-vsink/tests/