Parrot Ground SDK

Write code. Build apps. Fly drones.

Ground SDK Mobile

Create apps for iOS and Android

Parrot Ground SDK Mobile is available as a ready-to-compile source code, an iOS CocoaPods and an Android AAR.

Ground SDK Mobile allows any developer to create its own application for ANAFI. All the features of the ANAFI (control, video, settings) are accessible through an easy-to-use and fully documented API set.

The code is released under BSD-3 license, along with a quick start guide, full API documentation, and a ready-to-use demo application implementing all the available APIs.


Video player and metadata

PDrAW (pronounced like the name Pedro) is a video viewer for medias created by Parrot drones, like ANAFI. The viewer supports both streamed (RTP/RTSP) and recorded (MP4) videos, on Linux, macOS, Android and iOS platforms.

PDrAW is the video pipeline implementation of Parrot Ground SDK Mobile, used in Parrot’s FreeFlight6 application, both on iOS and Android.



Python framework for drone and simulation

Olympe provides a Python controller programming interface for Parrot Drone.

The main purpose of Olympe is to be used with Parrot's simulation environment, Sphinx, but it can also be used to control physical drones from a remote computer.



Full simulation environment

Parrot Sphinx is a simulation environment for Parrot Drones, based on the Gazebo engine. It was developed for prototyping and testing drone software.

You will also be able to test your Ground-SDK application with Sphinx, before using it on a real drone.


3D Model

Create, Simulate, Print

You can download the blender 3D model of Parrot ANAFI to integrate in your project, or create and print add-ons and accessories!