Modify the vision camera LED brightness#

On ANAFI AI, the vision camera LED brightness depends on the exposure time of the vertical camera. With default parameters, the exposure time is always set to zero and the LED remains unlit. To simulate an exposure time, use the following steps:

  1. Set the expose metering mode of the vertical camera to manual (for more information on camera parameters, see Camera):
    $ sphinx-cli param vertical_camera post_process/auto_exposure/mode manual
  2. Now that the camera is configured in manual mode, its sensor sensitivity, shutter speed, and the size of the opening of the camera lens must be set to realistic values. For example:
    $ sphinx-cli param vertical_camera post_process/camera/iso 800
    $ sphinx-cli param vertical_camera post_process/camera/shutter_speed 60
    $ sphinx-cli param vertical_camera post_process/camera/fstop 1

The shutter speed will then be forwarded to the firmware as the value of the exposure time, and the LED brightness will be modified accordingly by the firmware.


Shutter speed: 1/60th second (a slow shutter speed)#