Parrot Sphinx SDK#

Parrot Sphinx comes with an SDK that allows you to create and build your own UE application. This way, anyone can fly his Parrot Drone inside the 3D environment of his choice. It is assumed that the user has a sufficient knowledge of UE and, in particular, of its editor.

First of all, the SDK package needs to be installed. Follow the instructions given in Installation procedure and enter the following command.

$ sudo apt install parrot-ue-sdk

Then follow the steps below:

  • Retrieve Parrot’s fork of Unreal Engine source code

  • Build Unreal Engine and install its editor

  • By the means of the installed UE editor, adapt the UE project that you want to turn into a Parrot Sphinx application.

  • Finally build your application and run a simulation with it

All these steps are described into details in the next sections.

It should be emphasized that some constraints about versions are to be kept in mind:

  • the installed parrot-sphinx and parrot-ue-sdk versions must be the same.

  • the Unreal Engine version built on user’s workstation must be the same as the one used to generate the SDK.