Change logs

Version 0.21.1

  • [handling] new plugin “Handling” available. It lets the user virtually manipulate the drone while it is off. Useful for calibration or hand-takeoff.
  • [network QoS] like in former versions, network QoS can be adjusted at runtime via the web dashboard. This way, it is possible to break the communication with the drone controller at any time.
  • [HMI] Fix user camera position when leaving “Follow” mode.
  • [world] new world cloverleaf_interchange
  • [minidrones] params swing_color, evo_type, evo_style are now treated as sdf_params.
  • [dashboard] add editor widget in order to edit complex fields from Inspector.

Version 0.20

  • [system] add support for Debian stretch
  • [minidrones] fix a bluetooth issue on Linux kernels 4.8+
  • [system] improve sphinx stability

Version 0.19.1

  • [dashboard] New widget Map! Drone trajectories are drawn on Google Map in real time. The target in FollowMe mode is also supported by this widget. Check that section for more info.

  • [Sequoia] Support USB plugin of physical Sequoia. Simulated drones (like Disco) can communicate with it at runtime.

  • [system] support kernel 4.8+

  • [API] sdf params can now be overridden from command line. Autocompletion is also supported. Example:

    $ sphinx -V bebop2.drone::low_gpu=true