Parrot-customized UE Editor#

Parrot made some changes inside UE sources. To be able to make an application compatible with Parrot Sphinx, this patched version of the UE editor must be used.


The current page makes use of the parrot-ue-sdk package. It needs to be installed beforehand.

System requirements#

Building Unreal Engine from scratch requires some additional resources of several kinds.

  • Disk space: at least 40 GBytes available required

  • RAM: 16 GB or higher recommended

  • CPU: at least 8 cores recommended

Download the source#

The source code is located on, here: It is accessible only from a Github account attached to an Unreal Engine account. For more information, you can read this page. Therefore, cloning the repository requires an authentication either via SSH (git@github) or by the means of a Personal Authentication Token (https).

Before cloning, you need to know which Git tag must be used to be compatible with the currently installed SDK. The following call returns the version of UE to be used. To get the Git tag, it just needs to be suffixed with -github.

$ parrot-ue-build-app --version

Example of Git tag: 4.27.2-patched1.1-github

Then clone directly the required version, using the --depth option to speed up the download (a few GBytes).

$ git clone --branch <tag> --depth 1


In case the repository has been already downloaded and an update is desired, you can use the following commands.

$ git fetch origin <new_git_tag> --depth 1
$ git checkout refs/tags/<new_git_tag>

Build and install#

From within the root directory of the downloaded source code, run the command:

$ parrot-ue-build-editor --install $(pwd)

This operation lasts for a long time, so please be patient.

Once finished, the editor should be installed into /opt/parrot-ue4-editor. To run it:

$ /opt/parrot-ue4-editor/Engine/Binaries/Linux/UE4Editor


It is mandatory for the whole application building process to have the editor located precisely in /opt/parrot-ue4-editor.