Class EnumSetting<E extends Enum<E>>

  • public abstract class EnumSetting<E extends Enum<E>>
    extends Setting
    Represents a setting with a current value amongst a valid set of choices.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EnumSetting

        public EnumSetting()
    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        public abstract E getValue()
        Retrieves the current setting value.

        Return value should be considered meaningless in case the set of available values is empty.

        current setting value
      • setValue

        public abstract void setValue​(@NonNull
                                      E value)
        Sets the current setting value.

        The provided value must be present in the set of available values, otherwise this method does nothing.

        value - setting value to set
      • getAvailableValues

        public abstract EnumSet<E> getAvailableValues()
        Retrieves the set of available choices for the setting.

        An empty set means that the whole setting is currently unsupported.
        A set containing a single value means that the setting is supported, yet not mutable by the application.

        The returned set is owned by the caller and can be freely modified.

        the set of available values that are currently applicable to this setting