Install from source#

Environment setup#

Download and install the latest Xcode from App Store Application


Ground SDK has been successfully tested with Xcode 12.24, Swift 5.3 and Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.1

Install Homebrew

$ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install the required tools using Homebrew

$ brew install bash-completion git xctool pkgconfig repo python3 cmake autoconf automake libtool swift-protobuf

Install the following Python module

$ pip3 install requests pyparsing

Configure git with your real name and email address

$ git config --global "Your Name"
$ git config --global ""

Installing repo#

Repo is a tool built on top of Git. Repo helps manage many Git repositories, does the uploads to revision control systems, and automates parts of the development workflow. Repo is not meant to replace Git, only to make it easier to work with Git. The repo command is an executable Python script that you can put anywhere in your path.

You can install the last version of repo using the following commands:

$ mkdir -p ~/.bin
$ PATH="${HOME}/.bin:${PATH}"
$ curl > ~/.bin/repo
$ chmod a+rx ~/.bin/repo


You can learn how to use Repo on the `Repo command reference page`_

Cloning the workspace#

Create your working directory

$ mkdir groundsdk
$ cd groundsdk

Initialize Repo in your working directory

$ repo init -u

Download the Ground SDK source tree

$ repo sync

Configure Xcode#

Open project to install automatically last components of Xcode

$  open ./products/groundsdk/ios/xcode/groundsdk.xcworkspace/

Connect your Apple developer account and select your provisioning profile

Build and run GroundSdk Demo#

  1. Build GroundSdk Demo for iOS device

# the build script will ask you to enter your password session a few times
$ ./ -p groundsdk-ios -t build -j


To know more about building options

$ ./ -p groundsdk-ios -t


Build GroundSdk Demo for Simulator

$ ./ -p groundsdk-ios_sim -t build -j
  1. Connect an iOS device to your computer

  2. Go back to Xcode

  3. Select iOS device

  4. Click on Build and then run the current scheme

Connect to your drone#

  1. Switch on your drone

  2. Open wifi settings on your iOS device

  3. Select your drone’s wifi access point (e.g. ANAFI-xxxxxxx)

  4. Enter wifi password

  5. Open Ground SDK Demo app

  6. Your drone should appear in the list, select it

  7. Click on Connect