Every sample are available here

“Hello, Drone!”#

The “Hello, Drone!” mission is a simple Air SDK Flight mission demonstrating how to:

Video and Photo sample missions#

The Video and Photo mission demonstrates how to create a service to take a photo and record a video with libairsdk.

Move sample mission#

The Move mission shows how to create a service to move the drone relative to a starting position with libairsdk. It also shows how to move the drone to a GPS position.

Telemetry sample missions (C/C++/Python)#

The Telemetry C, C++ and Python mission demonstrates how to create a service that consumes the drone’s Telemetry and print the telemetry values with AirSDK missions logs.

Tracking sample mission#

The Tracking mission shows how to create an Air SDK service for using the visual tracking feature. This feature will enhance the tracking of a target with image and deep learning processing. This mission executes the tracking algorithm with the box’s proposals (automatic mode) or without them (manual mode).


This mission only works on a physical drone.

Occupancy grid sample mission#

The Occupancy grid mission shows how to obtain the occupancy grid created by the drone. It logs the density of the occupancy grid.

Road Runner sample mission#

The Road Runner mission is a more complete mission sample than the previous examples. This mission uses the front camera video to follow a line on a road. Road Runner uses all parts of a mission: